Community Information

Members of the public are invited to send information and notices to the council. Approved notices will be posted as soon as possible. Please email your information to the clerk. Please note the council is not responsible the content of any external websites.

Community Green Energy Advisory Group

The remit of the advisory group is to annually advertise, consolidate, and advise Community Green Energy Monmouthshire CIC and Community Green Energy England & Wales CIC on community projects, within the old community council areas of Llantilio Crossenny, Grosmont Fawr and Llanarth Fawr and where appropriate neighbouring communities. The next window for CGEAG grants, will open in May 2023.

For more information please go to its website.

Cross Ash Primary School

Cross Ash Primary School is in the community council area of Skenfrith. Cross Ash is a popular choice for many families within Whitecastle Community Council area.

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Local Churches

Llantilio Crossenny Church (St Teilo) and Penrhos Church (St Cadoc) are part of the North Monmouthshire Ministry Area.

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Rockfield Church (St Cenhedlon), St Maughan's Church (St Cadoc), Llangattock - Vibon Avel  Church (St Meugan) and Llanvihangel-Ystern-Llewern (St Michael) are in the Monmouth and Marches Ministry Area.

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The Gwent Federation of the Women's Institute

The Gwent Federation of the Women's Institute (WI) is a branch of the Women's Institute, a community-based organisation that aims to provide women with educational opportunities, develop their skills, and enable them to participate in a wide range of activities within their communities. Llantilio Crossenny WI hold monthly meetings in Llanvapley Pavilion on the second Wednesday of the month. The WI organises educational workshops, seminars, and classes on various topics of interest to women, such as cooking, gardening, crafts, health, and community development. It also organises social events and gatherings for its members, providing opportunities for networking, friendship, and mutual support among women in the community.l

For more information please go to its website.

The Village Alive Trust

The Village Alive Trust is a local buildings preservation charity founded in 2004. The Trust has undertaken grant-aided conservation work on ‘at risk’ listed buildings ranging from well houses, cider houses, and a horse trough to the 16th Great Trerhew Farm Barn and nearby oak wattle panelled Croft Barn at White Castle Vineyard. Open day events, country fairs, walking trails, conferences and delivery of a two-tier conservation grant scheme for MCC mean the Trust has had a hand in other projects like the Nelson Garden in Monmouth and the John Wesley commemorative bust at Devauden. The current project aims to refurbish St Teilo’s Church at Llanarth to allow new community use. Monmouthshire has the fourth largest number of Heritage Assets in Wales with almost 2250 listed buildings, scheduled ancient monuments, registered gardens and conservation areas.

For more information please go to its website.

The Llanvapley and District Gardening Club
Llanvapley and District Gardening Club was started in October, 2022 and has continued to flourish currently with 32 members enjoying the benefits of monthly gardening related presentations and garden visits. The group is open to all residents in the community council area, whether you are a committed gardener or just enjoy the beautiful countryside in which we all live. If you think you would like to become a member please contact Marion Ashton on Annual membership is £20 and £35 joint. Our meetings are held in Llanvapley Pavilion on the first Wednesday of every month.
St Teilo's Church Bell Ringers
St Teilo's Church Bell Ringers are members of the Llandaff and Monmouth Diocesan Association of Church Bell Ringers. St Teilo's Church in Llantilio Crossenny has eight bells which are rung for services, weddings, funerals and national events. The team of bell ringers are from the local area and other nearby parishes. The team holds a practice ringing session every Tuesday at 7.15pm. Anyone interested in learning how to ring is invited to come along. More information about the Llandaff and Monmouth Diocesan Association of Church Bell Ringers can be found on its website.
The Village Life Community Project
The Village Life Project was set up in 2016 as a small community charity (reg no 1169515) to provide community defibrillators and train people how to use them, in the relatively remote villages across the Llangattock Vibon Avel CC area. Five defibrillators have been installed and are maintained to be publicly available 24/7, at Cross Ash School, Skenfrith village hall, and three more located within Whitecastle CC in the old BT phone boxes in Newcastle, Maypole & Rockfield. (further defibrillators are available elsewhere in Whitecastle CC and beyond: see the UK database of publicly accessible defib locations).

Since 2016 Village Life has trained over 350 people in CPR and defibrillator use. Four incidents have occurred locally in which a defibrillator has been taken out, in two as a precaution, and in two being switched on and applied. Unfortunately one incident also occurred when a defibrillator was available and might have helped, but was not taken out or used. In one village, Maypole, a group of volunteers are trained ready to take the defibrillator to where it may be needed, any of whom can be alerted by a special village emergency phone system. We also offer counselling support afterwards to anyone involved in an incident.

Fortunately cardiac arrests are relatively rare events in rural communities like ours. But given the likely time and distance involved before help arrives from an ambulance paramedic or first responder, outcomes and survival rates will inevitably be poor, unless someone nearby is able to give CPR and use a defibrillator without delay. The technique is not so difficult. Training isn’t even actually needed, but it helps make things easier and more familiar. Besides keeping a regular check and maintainng the defibs in working order, Village Life continues to run small group training events, which are advertised locally during the year. To find out more, or to set up an event, please email Tom, the Village Life secretary, via
The Selby Sound Hand Bellringers
Selby Sound Hand -Bellringers were formed in the 1970's when the Revd John Selby was vicar of Llantilio Crossenny. The twenty five Whitechapel Bells are a delight to play and over the years many performances have been given with all money raised given to local cancer charities. In 2023 eight new and very enthusiastic ringers joined the group and look forward to taking part in a variety of concerts and services in the future. We are always keen to encourage new members, and thankfully no great musical ability is required, just a sense of rhythm and fun. Anyone interested in joining us please contact Margaret Parry, 01873 855207 
Gwent Federation of Young Farmers Clubs

Gwent Federation of Young Farmers Clubs is part of one of the largest youth organisations in the UK. There are 6 clubs within Gwent, which includes Crucorney YFC which meets on a Tuesday evening at different locations including The Hogs Head in Treadam. The club hold a wide range of club nights and always welcome new members. The clubs celebrate and promote the importance of rural life and agriculture in the community. By showcasing the traditions, values, and economic significance of farming, these clubs help to preserve and revitalise rural communities in Gwent, fostering pride and a sense of belonging among residents.

Wales Air Ambulance
Wales Air Ambulance plays a crucial role in providing emergency medical services and transport in Monmouthshire, as it does throughout Wales. Wales Air Ambulance operates helicopters equipped with advanced medical equipment and staffed by highly trained medical professionals, including doctors and paramedics. In emergencies providing critical care and transportation to hospitals.