Llangattock Vibon Avel

Llangattock Vibon Avel Community council was dissolved in the boundary changes of 2022. Llangattock Vibon Avel is now one of the smallest wards in Whitecastle Community Council area.

The village of Llangattock Vibon Avel has a church, a manor house and a farm. The church is in the care of Friends of Friendless Churches. St Cadoc’s Community is responsible for managing the use of the church. The church is used for weddings, funerals and events organised by St Cadoc’s Community. The churchyard has an old and new section and contains many fine graves and a magnificent war memorial. The old part of the churchyard is the responsibility of the community council and the new part is managed by the St Maughans Church committee.

More information about the church can be found on the Friends of Friendless Churches website.  

A map of the ward showing its location in the community council area.

 The Church of St Cadoc


The war memorial and the view to the south


The closed part of the graveyard which is the responsibility of the community council.